How Deadly Toxins Used to Save People lives? 6 Deadliest Animal Venoms are Used in Medical Field

Toxins are the deadliest substance which can kill human but in this era venomous toxins collected from the secretion of deadliest animals has revolutionized the field of medicine. These venoms are important source of molecule in pharmacologically and biologically. The compounds of amino acids and proteins in different venoms are bioactive components, they can be non-enzymes or enzymes which have great potential of healing and use for many different medical conditions. These venoms also have tremendous potential to cure cancer, act as anti-cancer agent. These proteins present in venom suppress or destroy cancer cell by generating apoptosis process which kill cancer cells.

Deadliest Venom or Toxins in Animals

Now we discuss about the deadliest animals venom which can take life in less than one minute but have proven tremendous result to cure many diseases including cancer.


There are different venoms in snake, some kills quickly and others take some hours. Snakes have fangs from which they secrete venom like a mechanism of syringe. When snake penetrate their fangs in prey flesh, inject the poison directly into victims bloodstream excluding Mozambique spitting cobra. There are many varieties of venom differ from snake to snake and have same differ potential in medical applications. Now a days these venoms secrete from snakes are used to cure Coronary medical conditions which are:

  • Heart Attack
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Hear Failure

Do you know? An enzyme (ACE) also known as angiotensin-converting enzyme which is present in the venom of jararaca pit viper snake, undoubtedly have saved my people lives in history.

Komodo Dragon

These are like big lizards and have a size of an alligator, unlike snakes these dragons have multiple sacks of venom in their mouth. They discharge the venom and squeeze it out when they clamps down their jaws on a victim. Venom goes into the bloodstream of a victim’s blood and prevent it from coagulation. The victims bleed so much, thus cause death. Its venom is used in medical due to anticoagulant properties. Its venom is use to cure heart attacks, strokes and  pulmonary embolisms.


Scorpio has long tail and have spike on the tip of its tail from where it stung and deliver a venom. Its been recorded that over 1.2 billion people are stung globally each year and takes the lives of 4560 people according to a 2019 report. The chemical derived from scorpion venom has a potential to kill certain types of pain. Its venom is used for to help heart transplant and diagnose multiple sclerosis and cancer. The deathstalker is a type scorpion which have chlorotoxin in its venom which is used treat tumors and diagnose cancer.

Gilla Monster

It is venomous in lizard specie, 2Ft long and sluggish in nature and rarely threat to mankind. Its venomous saliva has multiple compound of amino acids which are used as supplements to insulin for the treatment of diabetes.

Cone Snails

Cone snails are also called cone shells, have small to large size found in sea. These cones are venomous. A type of neurotoxin extract from these cone venoms are used to infuse in human brain through spinal canal by infusion pump to treat severe pain.

Northern Short-Tailed Shrew

Shrew is a mammal and its venom is not enough strong to take a life of anyone but it can cause swelling and unbearable pain. This shrew have failed to grab the attention because of its not so fearsome reputation but other than that it hold the attention of scientist globally because of its venom. Scientists are researching on his venom for the treatment of cancer and reports tells that they get positive results

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