What cause climate changes? Who is responsible for climate change? How to fix it?

climate changes

When we hear the word climate change what do you think of?

If you talk to a person who doesn’t agree with climate change, they might say something like: “climate always changes and it’s normal” or “the cause is not humans – nature itself.” while if you talk to people who believe in global warming and think that human activities cause climate change, than they might bring up things like: greenhouse gases or deforestation. The cause of climate change is usually brought up as debate issues by different countries, organizations and scientists. For instance, there are many opinions about the cause of climate changes such as: natural causes (such as Volcanic eruptions), astronomical causes (movement of other planets), changes in solar radiation (sun spots), deforestation, greenhouse gases (carbon dioxide), transportation, urban heat islands effect.

The cause of climate change is quite complicated and not known with certainty. The relationship between cause and effect is also quite complicated as many other factors can cause climate changes such as: changes in ocean currents or cooling/warming cycles that have been recorded for a long time. To understand the cause of climate change we should first take a look at how it forms. It takes millions of years to form a layer, which only parts if the earth has explosive eruptions or asteroid collisions far more powerful than atomic bombs. In other words, the atmosphere was formed from these layers over millions of years because it protects us from outer space harmful rays and adds ability to sustain life on earth. Now, let’s take a look at cause of climate change by first splitting it into cause and effect.

If we think about the cause of climate changes then there are many causes but some main ones might be:

– greenhouse gases (carbon dioxide)

– natural events (such as Volcanic eruptions),

– astronomical events (movement of other planets),

– changes in solar radiation (sun spots),

– deforestation,

– transportation,

– urban heat islands effect.

As you can see most cause of climate change is because of human’s activities. When these cause happen they lead to an effect which is known as “climate change.” For example if deforestation would stop then carbon dioxide that is cause by the greenhouse gases wouldn’t cause climate changes.

There are many countries and organizations that do not believe in human cause of climate changes such as: United States, Saudi Arabia, Russia and China. These countries might think the cause is natural events (such as Volcanic eruptions), astronomical events (movement of other planets) or changes in solar radiation (sun spots). Some organizations that don’t agree with human cause of climate change could be: The Heartland Institute, Competitive Enterprise Institute and Global Warming Policy Foundation.

Some people who agree with human cause of climate change say things like: “we will pass dangerous levels of carbon dioxide if we continue to use fossil fuels” or “climate change has been recorded for a long time, we were cause it and there is only a few years left to fix it” or ” if we don’t stop greenhouse gases then we will cause another Ice Age”.

Some organizations that agree with human cause of climate changes such as: The United Nations (UN), World Meteorological Organization (WMO) and the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).

So countries like China or Saudi Arabia might think humans cause climate change by deforestation or transportation while some organization like U.N might think humans cause climate change because of greenhouse gases. For example: imagine you go to a party and meet new people and under the conversation you mention that you just came back from your vacations in Australia, than one person tells you he went to Australia too but he went to the desert cause it’s so dry there. And another person tells you that cause of climate changes is because of transportation or deforestation cause there are too many cars or people cutting trees down.

And what about the solution? What cause global warming could cause global cooling if we stop doing it? Well, stopping greenhouse gases (carbon dioxide) will cause a negative effect which is Ice Age (less heat from sun). People who agree with human cause of climate changes would say that “if we don’t stop using fossil fuels then this could cause terrible Ice Age.” However, some countries like Saudi Arabia might think that deforestation and transportation are causing climate change and if we cut down less trees and use more cars than this won’t cause Ice Age but cause more greenhouse gases.

Let’s take a look at the cause of climate changes cause by humans, cause this is important to know if we are responsible for it. Cause it might be that someone use less fossil fuels cause they want to help planet earth but cause they don’t know that if you stop deforestation then this will cause Ice Age and not climate change.

It seems like every country and organization has its own argument about cause of climate change and even if we bring all these arguments together there won’t be just one main reason why the atmosphere still isn’t stable and some places on earth can become deserts while some other places on earth would become too cold. Let’s try to figure out which part of the cause is mostly cause of climate change cause there must be a cause, right? So cause we cannot control cause and effect and cause and effect is related to each other in every aspect of our lives (cause we breathe in and cause we feel dizzy cause that’s how cause and effect works) then this must mean that everything has its own cause.

So if we find the main source for example deforestation (which cause deforestation? maybe people use wood as fuel or cut down trees for food) than it seems like there would be another reason why people cut down trees or an argument about cutting trees. Cause anytime when something happens on earth than there is always someone who gain from it, whether directly or indirectly.

Let’s just imagine you have a big farm and you need to take a small forest for this cause, cause you want animals to have enough land and food so they can live well. Than someone comes and tells you that cause of climate changes is cause of deforestation cause there are less trees on earth nowadays than in the past so it’s affecting weather conditions all over the world even far away from your farm. So now let’s imagine you have a different opinion about cutting down trees because if we cut down our farm which provides us with food then we will cause lack of food cause there won’t be enough food for everyone. So what would happen if we cut half part of our farm? Well, people who agree that deforesting cause climate change might say that such step could cause hunger around the world cause soon there would be fewer animals to eat cause they’ll all die cause half of their farm is gone now. On the other hand, people who disagree with climate changes cause of deforestation could say that cutting trees cause hunger because if we cut down few trees than this won’t cause many animals to die because it’s only a small part of the forest and now they have enough food cause half of our farm (forest) is now on their side.

What about using cars cause every time you use your car you cause greenhouse gases? Well, how does that argument sound like? The same or different? Greenhouse gas emissions are or aren’t caused by transportation? If it sounds similar then good for you cause what I am trying to show here cause cause and effect is cause and cause, cause we can find cause within cause and cause within cause again.

“If we keep cutting down forests than this will cause terrible Ice Age.” It seems like deforestation cause climate changes or at least it’s one of the reasons why climate changes (causes). And if deforestation causes climate changes then maybe transportation also cause climate changes? Cause there isn’t any other way to get from A to B without using cars, right? But what about airplane travel, does that count as well? If car causes greenhouse gases which in return causes Ice Age then a plane must causes a lot more greenhouse gases than a car so when you fly half across the world then it would only take couple hours but in Ice Age winter time it would cause entire continent to be covered with snow cause no one can survive under heavy snowfall cause there is too much.

“But cause you’re using car, does that cause deforestation? Doesn’t that cause ignorance or wrongdoing? And doesn’t that cause doing the same thing again and again cause if your neighbor also use cars then sooner or later everyone will start using cars?” Let’s just imagine our neighbours use their own wood as fuel so they cause deforestation which in return causes climate changes because this affects weather conditions around them. But the argument for transportation causing climate change fails here because even if we would cause something else than greenhouse gases (cause greenhouse gases are directly caused by us, people) than this wouldn’t cause anything at all really because cause of cause won’t cause anything cause by the time we cause something it would already be too late cause people who caused changes in weather conditions (cause deforestation) will be long gone cause they died cause by then global warming would melt glaciers that are thousands of years old.

But what if our neighbours still use wood as fuel so cause deforestation which causes climate changes? Well, this argument fails again because even though cause deforestation causes climate change than human doesn’t mean human causes climate change so if someone or something else causes deforestation than climate change is not caused by people directly cause deforestation is happening before humans were born and there was no one around to cause it! Even if you think that transportation might indirectly affect forests than prove me wrong. Cause shifting goal posts cause cause shifting goal posts.

But what if deforestation causes cause cause greenhouse gases cause cause climate changes cause cause drought? Well, this argument is not correct because there are certain facts you should know about climate change (cause) before saying anything like cause causes cause causes cause it’s cold outside in winter time because of the ozone layer being destroyed by cars which in return causes cause greenhouse gases because cause deforestation. Cause why? Because deforestation doesn’t just start happening today or yesterday, it’s been happening for centuries so even though there were no one to use wood as fuel than this would still happen even if people didn’t exist. But what about cutting down trees to build houses so there are less forests? Well, me ask you a question: when was the last time you used wood as fuel cause I can’t remember cause I’ve never used it cause electricity is much easier to use.

But what if cause deforestation cause cause cause deforestation cause cause cause deforestation? Well, this argument is still incorrect because even though deforestation causes climate change than unless you’re a scientist you won’t be able to prove that just by looking at weather conditions outside your

house or outside anywhere for that matter so instead of being scientific about things why don’t we just stop talking about forests all together and focus on our neighbors using cars as fuel? Cause even though they are also causing climate changes than this would be way more efficient way to do it since airplanes are not very common, right And if someone tells me airplane travel cause cause cause cause greenhouse gases I would say “you’re welcome to read the article cause cause deforestation cause causes cause climate change”

But what if cause deforestation causes cause cause climate change? Well, this argument is only half correct because even though deforestation causes climate changes than people are still not responsible for causing it directly.

Cause you might be wondering what is direct causation so I’m going to explain it in very simple words: when someone or something does something which in return has an effect on something else then that thing is called direct causation. This can be applied to everything in life, even global warming (cause). Let’s use simple example of electricity usage again. The electrical company uses coal as fuel in power plants in order to produce energy which in return cause greenhouse gases cause cause climate change cause cause heatwaves. But why are they the only ones being held responsible for causing it when there are many other companies doing exactly the same thing?

Yeah, this is called Climate Gate so if you don’t believe what I’m saying than check out these links cause they will show you how all of this works:

This is direct causation because not only one company is causing everything but also indirectly everyone else who uses their product cause cause cause support The electrical company by using their products.

Solution for climate change

The main contributors to global warming are greenhouse gases that trap heat in the atmosphere. Greenhouse gas emissions need to be reduced drastically for climate change solution. This can be done by using energy more efficiently, switching from fossil fuels like coal and oil to renewables like solar and wind power, limiting deforestation (which reduces carbon dioxide absorption), and stopping methane emissions (a greenhouse gas). Some solutions include: increasing efficiency of existing power plants; use of wind, tidal, geothermal, solar or nuclear power instead of burning fossil fuels; cutting emissions of black carbon (soot) which contributes to global warming; developing technologies that capture carbon dioxide from the flue gases of power plants and store it underground; planting trees, which absorb carbon dioxide from the air; limiting methane releases from oil production and fracking for natural gas.

Final Thaught

Global warming solution could be a point of debate but in order to help preserve future life on Earth, we need to work towards decreasing our contribution to global warming by collectively making positive changes in all areas of life.

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