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It is very easy to purchase a domain with good webhosting but you need a better content for your website too and it is very hard and time consuming process when you have to write an article for your website. Today I will provide you a shortcut for this problem. You just have to know the command how to copy and paste an article on your website. You can also generate good amount of income easily from these copyright free articles for blogs.

There are many websites on internet which provide copyright free articles for websites but some of them are genuine. In this article I will share the link of websites which will provide you many categories of free articles including copyright free health articles. And I will also provide you a bonus link from where you will get paid for the article by submitting them on a website.

Copyright Free Blog Articles Link

First of all you should know about abbreviation PLR, which means Private Label Rights. It is a type of license or authorization which is approved to use a content on your website, video or in any way you like. This license applies on various formats like articles, reports, graphics and eBooks etc. but there are some restrictions or limitations in certain ways as defined by the original author of an article or eBook etc. PLR content is great source to save time and money if it is mixed with your own creativity.

This website ( is an article directory from where you can access many copyright free blog articles, just copy and paste on your website, only you have to do some SEO for these articles.

Click here to access

This ( is a website which provide many copyright free articles for websites having vast categories including eBooks and videos.

Click here to access freeplrdownload

This website ( also provide vast range of categories of articles. You can publish these copied articles with your name and even you can sell and use as backlinks by submitting these articles to other website owners.

Click here to access plrcontentproject

Guideline to Use PLR Articles

  1. Use PLR articles as a beginning of your essay to make your own fresh creativity. Means you can use it for an idea.
  2. You should use a content spinner like online website spinbot to make it plagiarism free.
  3. If your objective is to use this content with SEO you have to amend the content because if you use it as same, google will not index it as unique although you can use these content as they are for your audience without SEO.
  4. You must review these contents before pasting or share it blindly with your audience.

Bonus: Make Money By Writing Articles

The website I am going to tell you about will pay you for your writing skills. You just know how to write an English without grammatical mistakes that’s it. Before revealing the website URL I just want you to know that you do need some qualities:
• Possess creativity.
• Content creation passion.
• Have keen eyes on details.
• Stay on top of trend.
• Must be 100% original content.

This website ( provide five withdrawal methods and minimum amount you can withdraw from this website is $2. Just click the link below and start earning today.

Click here to access paidforarticles.

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