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Today I will tell about new earning app which is introduced for the jobless people and it is e-commerce store and display different products to sell across Pakistan. Fortunately you can earn with it very easily. It is only available on android platform so you can search it on Google Play by typing “BigSheikh”.

How to Get Registered with BigSheikh

  1. Download the app and open it.
  2. Now it’s time to get registered on it, tap on signup.
  3. Now register form will open. You have to fill your first name, last name and your phone number.
  4. Now it will ask for OTP (One Time Password) to verify your account.
  5. Six digit OTP code will be send to you by SMS, received in you mobile.
  6. Carefully type this OTP and click on verify button. Walla! Your account has been created.
  7. On next screen you will see two buttons “Start Earning” and “I have a Referral Code”.
  8. Just tap on “I have Referral Code” and type this code “uEDoWpwsTtaJPx5M9”. By pasting this code you will get 100 Rupee in your account on your first sale. Sale!? yes your heard it right. follow the procedure below and you will know how.

Download App from hereDOWNLOAD

How to Get Paid

  1. It is not a rocket science to get paid with Big Sheikh app. Just follow the simple steps and get paid.
  2. Scroll down your android device menu and open the app by tap on it. You will see the main page of the app.
  3. Choose a product from a collection menu. There are hundreds of products with the price mentioned below.
  4. Share the product you have chosen on Facebook or WhatsApp with your friends, family or group.
  5. If the chosen product is liked by someone and interested to buy that product you will place the order.
  6. Click on the product you have chosen and click on add to cart.
  7. Now select size if it is some kind of apparel or else tap on free size.
  8. Add a quantity as per request.
  9. Now tap on checkout option. It will show you the product which have ordered.
  10. Now again tap on checkout option and you will be landed on page where it will ask you the information about buyer.
  11. Tap on delivery information and tap on Add address. Customer information form will be shown on your screen.
  12. Now fill the information of your customer carefully. You have to provide customer name, phone number, residential address, city, province or state and tap on save at upper right corner.
  13. After save, it will show you the ticker of saved customer. If you have enter wrong address or number, you see three dots “” just tap on it and you can edit customer’s information.
  14. After finalizing the customer you will see the “Your Margin” option below. Here is the game begins of earning money. Just add your minimum margin.
  15. Next you scroll down and see “Add Seller” option. Here you have to add your information because the information you provide will be on the parcel. That’s the point BigSheikh app will not show their name. It means they will not directly communicate with your customer and you can continue your business.
  16. Now after complete all above steps tap on “Submit”.
  17. Now once again app will show you the product, information of customer and your margin with total price.
  18. Just tap on “Place Order”.

The margin amount will be transferred to your bank account or to your mobile smart wallet (Jazz Cash / Easy Paisa). If it is hard to understand

Want to see a video tutorial? give comment and share this page and we will upload video tutorial soon.

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