Online Earning Tips and Tricks: How to Earn With Mobile 2021

Mobile phone is a necessity of our daily life, every person in this world use a mobile phone for several reasons. Some people use it only to remain in contact with their beloved ones or to use it for entertainment purposes.

In this article, I will give a tip that how to make money from your phone. Only you need your smartphone and an internet connection. Youtube is the most popular platform used for viewing online stream videos and for entertainment purposes. Some people use it for entertainment and some use it for online learning by watching tutorial videos. You can also use it for an earning but how?

Yes, most people know that you can earn money from Youtube but they don’t have an idea how to create content for Youtube. As I say that I will give you an idea that how to earn with mobile, let’s start.

First of all, you should have a youtube account. To create a youtube account, you have to create a Gmail account. Just signup for the Gmail account and fill the online form and submit it thus your account will be created in the blink of an eye. Now you have a login with Gmail on Youtube.

 The idea for Youtube Content

You should have an idea for making content for youtube, and believe me, a good idea is a key to success behind any youtube content. I will explain to you how to get an idea to make content without revealing your face on camera and you will only use your mobile to create content. When you open Youtube app on your smartphone and type anything in the search field related to your mobile like:

It shows many LSI keywords and you can use these keywords to make your content. For example, if you have a Samsung mobile you can make a short tutorial video that how to reset your mobile. install any screen recording app and record your screen and explain to your audience that how they can reset their mobile.

You can create many video content for your youtube channel only by using these LSI keywords. Use these LSI keywords for the idea of the content. Same as mobile you can create a content for different computer applications on your laptop by recording screen as well.

Most search in Youtube

Create content by following a trend on youtube. After the wave of Covid-19, most people are jobless and always in a search of job or ways to make money online. Many android applications are available on Google Play which is free of cost and provides a chance to earn online like the “BigSheikh” application. You can download these types of applications and record the screen and explain to your viewers that how they can signup with these applications and earn commission by completing the given task in these applications.

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