How to Configure My Router for 100% Solution.

Now a days most people in Pakistan are shifting toward Cybernet from PTCL internet connection because of the quality and speed. PTCL Internet packages are high as compared to Cybernet and they charge extra if you consume more GBs than included in the package whereas Cybernet don not charge extra on extra consumption. Cybernet provide fiber connection and PTCL is still swinging on copper wire.

I saw many posts related to that many people can’t access this local web entertainment portal. Some people tells that when their connection was new they can access the ebravo portal and after some time they are facing problem to open this potal or when they reset their router they are unable to access this portal.


If you have internet connection of Cybernet and purchased the connection directly from company you have to call them on their help line or e-mail them to fix this problem, unfortunately there is not any configuration for your fiber optic router because its settings are configured by the company at their control center or server room. But if you got NBB (National BroadBand) connection which is also a project of Cybernet which was created in response to the market demand for a focused service and a competitive alternative to traditional ISPs than there is a solution for it.

First of all ask your ISP (internet service provider) from which company he is taking internet service? If he tells you that it is Cybernet, than ask, is it NBB? If he says yes than just open your router settings by typing and enter the user and password and configure your router like the image shown below.

Actually to access ebravo portal or any other portal like chilltime you have to configure your router PPPOE settings and choose Russia that’s it. You can only access your internet on PPPOE or PPPOE Russia. But if you choose only PPPOE than you will not able to access entertainment potals like or


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