How to Overcome Fear and Anxiety Due to COVID? 4 Best Ways to Get Rid From Them.

Psychological Health Issues

Fear and anxiety becomes a global issue now a days due to pandemic almost every person is suffering from psychological and physical health issues associated to the COVID-19 virus and panic situation of lockdown. People facing frustration, fear, anxiety and stress. If an individual daily spend his or her 24 hours a day and 7 days in a week in house looking at same faces and not allowed to go anywhere else, he or she will get anxious and frustrate. A person will think what if he always work from home virtually lifetime and fear of losing charm in his personality, Fear of losing job, jobless, less wages, health care of family and less job opportunities in market. This situation build the state of apprehension in person mind for his future as well as for the future of his family and community, which affect individual physical health as well as psychological state of fear, stress and anxiousness. People remain trapped in their home without any defined schedule in a result they experience unexplained laziness and weakness. They have immense time to spend due to this tiredness has increased and anxiety level goes up. They sleep more and more due to absence of routine, this is result experience of psychological imperfection.

Physical Health Issues

Due to global pandemic issue all the fitness center, gyms, pedestrian parks, sports stadiums and shopping centers are closed due to which peoples are facing lack of fitness enthusiasm, this creates fear and anxiety in them. People are motivated toward fitness when they see others doing exercise or gym activities. Mate at gym or fitness center are the enthusiastic cause for individuals to involve in a daily routine of fitness activity. The lack of motivation for physical fitness is due to home imprisonment and lack of presence of others. People are getting over weight or fat due or becoming internally weak due to lack of fitness activities, it also affects the digestive system of individuals as a result they are getting various stomach or diseases.

How to Overcome

To overcome from fear and anxiety, individual should respond to this problem in a more positive way. Their perspective will remain negative to this situation but it will started to change gradually among themselves when they started to believe they can do better for themselves.

4 Best Ways to Overcome

1-You can explore yourself by giving time to your hobbies, explore your hobbies and give your time to leisure, learning cooking skills, try different recipes, learn online tutorial for web designing, computer programming, game developing, becoming a computer programmer or chef besides who you are now.

2-Individual should try to change focus on substitute of fitness activity. If he or she has a daily routine to do exercise or fitness activity at gym, should try to shift their fitness activity from fitness center or gym to other available place and try to use substitute of gym machinery for their exercise, another alternative of gym is yoga, its healthy fitness activity, especially power yoga in the morning. You can get many video tutorials online for yoga on different streaming websites and by watching those yoga tutorials and practicing yoga you can moderate your addiction of gym. You can also build homemade dumbbells set by yourself to fulfill your addiction of exercise at gym.

3-Social media is best source to kill time and make oneself busy. People can virtually connect with others and share entertainment. You can watch web series, movies, and play online games etc. which don’t let you get bored. On other hand social media is also a source to propagate misinformation which creates fear and anxiety in you.

4-Individual can make oneself busy by doing online trading on different web and mobile platform, becoming virtual assistant or selling different products on social media like whatsapp or facebook. This is the best way make oneself busy as well as earning money online to support individuals family in this pandemic situation.

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