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Most of the people wants to earn money from internet because they have eagerness to earn and spend more money and to fulfill their dreams or to financially support their families. There are many online platforms to earn money by completing job tasks like upwork.com or freelancer.com, same like them there is a website picoworker.com, it’s an online emerging platform from which people can earn money by completing the tasks post on the website. Only you have to complete the signup steps and after getting verified you can login and choose a category of jobs and accept the job to complete and get paid. It provides many cash withdrawal medium, you can choose one which is suitable for you. Before getting start, you have to remember some guidelines picoworkers


-Read the job description carefully and follow the instructions posted by an employer.

-Submit correct and clean proofs only or else your proofs will be marked as spam and your account will be deactivated.
-Avoid using any VPN or Proxy or your account will be closed.

-Multiple accounts are discouraged by website if you do so, all accounts will be closed

-Write a rigid and clear sentence in response that demonstrate your task completion or else it will be marked as spam.

-If you don’t understand a task or unable to complete, or encounter any error, it’s is better for you not to submit incomplete proof.


By following above mentioned guidelines you can complete the jobs and get paid. If you are beginner then I will suggest you to choose job tasks like an article writing, write posts on social network sites, write an honest review (products, services) or comment on others blog. I hope my suggestion will help you to start a job with picworkers.com earning platform.

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