Can You Apply for Scholarship as a Junior? 100% Best Guide for Freshman

Scholarship is a financial aid granted by the authorities of any college or university. When we talk about scholarship application, it’s always a difficulty for parents because they have a liability of their children education and they know they can take good decision for their children, they personally submit the application for financial aid for their children to avoid any problem.

How to Apply for Scholarship?

What if we tells you a solution for that? We all know that form a primary to secondary education your parents forbearance the burden but you are old enough to solve the simple problem to fill the scholarship application.  Only you need some self-esteem, courage and good academic results to submit your application for the financial aid. Always remember that you are the one who will consume the aid of your scholarship and not your guardians. So from now on it’s your liability to apply for the financial aid without any consultancy or less guidance from your parents.

The procedure of applying for scholarship is as easy as you apply for the admission in school, college or university. You have pull ahead scholarship opening offers and write down a list of your plus points that meets your requisite. Now you have to go through the list and you have to write down your achievements (good academic records and letter of recommendation from school / college teacher, professor or higher authorities) in an application letter.

The most common way to apply for scholarship is mention on above paragraph. Moreover, success depends on you and you have put your energy to assure yourself a financial support when you get financial aid in school, college or university. We have mention below the types of scholarship read it for your ease and make a list of your plus point you have in yourself.

Types of Scholarship

There are seven types of financial aid offered by college or universities, which you can apply for

  • Academic Financial Aid
  • Community Service Financial Aid
  • Athletic Financial Aid
  • Financial Aid for Hobbies and Extracurricular
  • Applicants Identities Financial Aid
  • Need-based Financial Aid
  • Employer and Military Financial Aid

1-Academic Financial Aid

This type of academic financial aid is awarded to those students who performed outstanding in their scholastic grades. Academic financial aid is commonly advertised and hard to achieve due to tough completion that’s why it is rewarded to most brightest and deserving students. It is purely based on an excellent grades but there is a chance of consideration if award committees consider about other factors like leadership quality and extracurricular activities.

2-Community Service Financial Aid

Community service financial aid is a type of scholarship in which committee reward those students who perform community services. It shows that a student have an ability of leadership and give his or her time for the valuable or worthy cause. The student is consider for this scholarship if the award committee finds that a student is fulfilling the requirement for this financial aid. The eligibility depend on student academic achievement, admission test score and unmet financial state.

3-Athletic Financial Aid

The athletic scholarship is a financial aid granted to those students who are athlete from the department of athletics in school or college. This financial aid is based on the athletic abilities of a student and how they performed in the team. The coach have an authority of this scholarship and he or she decides who will be granted this financial aid.

4- Financial Aid for Hobbies & Extracurricular

This scholarship is granted to those students who have some special hobbies like playing piano, violin, guitar, or chess etc. To pursue your hobby is not just a fun it makes your life enrich and increase getting an opportunity to avail this financial aid in college or university. Student can qualify for this scholarship if he or she has special talent.

5-Applicant Identities Financial Aid

Applicant identities financial aid is granted to those students who are immigrants, international students, student with disabilities, transgender or from different religions. This type of aid is also called minority scholarship.

6-Need-Based Financial Aid

The students who cannot afford their education burden financially or come from financially weak background are consider for this type of financial aid.

7-Employer / Military Financial Aid

This type of scholarship is offered by the employer to eligible employee depend upon which criteria employer has decided for eligibility. Whereas military scholarship is offered to those who are recruited soldiers, veterans or students who are aspire to choose their future career in military.

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