How To Do SEO? 4 Best Ways To Do On-Page And Off-Page SEO In 2021

It is very easy to purchase a hosting plan from a well-known web hosting site as well as the domain but after you purchase and host your website from this point the real difficulties begin. We all know when a person or company made some product or an item it needs to be advertised in the market. When a person hosts a website it needs to be market and enrolled in different search engines on the internet.

For promoting a website most website owners hire an SEO company or SEO consultant. If you have a big budget and bear to hire an SEO agency or SEO specialist then it’s ok but if you don’t have enough budget then it may be difficult for you to promote a website and get organic or direct traffic to your website.

Today I will give you the best tips and tricks to promote your site, get free traffic on your website as well as tell you a secrete on how to find free low-density keywords for your articles.

Is On-Page SEO is Important?

Most people spend 70% of their time doing off-page SEO whereas on-page SEO is more important than off-page SEO. On-page SEO is more important because organic traffic is generated to your website through it and it also helps to be ranked on different search engines. For on-page optimization, you need to find keywords for your article to get traffic or the product you want to sell on the website.

These keywords should be carefully and smartly placed, don’t use them repeatedly in your article. Gather the keywords and properly do Meta tagging for these words. When a person searches on any search engine, types a keyword for the search, the search engine locates that keyword on billions of websites and shows a result. If you use low density or low competitive keywords there are maximum chances that search engines will show your website to the internet surfer.

How to find keywords for SEO?

Nowadays web admin or web content writers use paid tools for finding keywords for their content. There are many popular websites that provide SEO keywords services and you can use them easily. They provide solid information related to the keyword that how much traffic it gets on the internet, what is it CPC (Cost per Click), and keyword competition status.

The beginners in this field don’t have enough budget to buy these tools. They are always in a search of free tools or use demo accounts for this purpose. I know it is very frustrated and stressful, that’s why I will share a tip that how you can easily find keywords for your content.

Have you ever heard about google trends? Yes, it is a platform from where you find keywords for your website. Just search a google trends website and open the URL in your browser. There you will find a search field where you can type your keyword term or topic and it will show the result of your keyword that how much it is popular geographically and what are related topics as well as queries are. From this, you can get an idea of which keyword or term should be used for specific content.

Another trick that I use for finding keywords for my content is to use a google keyword plan. It is free and provides the best information including relevant keywords, CPC, average monthly search, and keyword difficulty. It is a Google product so there are fewer chances to be inaccurate. You can use google keyword planner if you have an account on google ads.

Google ads account is not free but if you want to make an account on it I will guide you on how to make an account on it use google keyword planner for free. Read these below steps to activate your google keyword planner:

  • Sign in to your google account and open google search engine and type “google ads” or simply type “” in your browser.
  • You have to open it on your desktop pc or laptop because this trick does not work on mobile.
  • Once the website is open click the “Start Now” button in the upper right corner.
  • On the next page, scroll down and you will find a link “Switch to Expert Mode”.
  • When you click on “Switch to Expert Mode” the next screen will show you campaign options with eight boxes.
  • Just skip the campaign and click below “Create an account without a campaign”.
  • Now choose your billing country, time zone, and currency.
  • Click on the “Submit” button and your account has been created.
  • On the next page, find a top navigation bar and click on “Tools & Settings”.
  • When you click on the options sub-menu will open, now click on “Keyword Planner” under the heading Planning.
  • Here you can type your term or keyword and choose a targeted country.
  • It will show you the relevant keywords and terms, CPC, the difficulty of keywords, and monthly average traffic.

Tips and Tricks for Off-Page SEO

Many people use social websites and networks to post or market their content to do off-page SEO and people don’t need to click on your given links without any benefit. You have to do some extraordinary work for promotions and getting traffic on your website.

You can promote your content by typing the content on google sites. Just type “google site” on the google search engine and add a page. It is a one-page website that offers to type your content and publish it. Type your half content on this free one-page site and give a link below to your website. People will click on the link and redirect to your website to read the full content.

I have also tried one nasty trick which I have personally created and I am going to share this trick with you. You have to make an account as an employer on different freelancing websites and post a job title “Web Designer Required” and in the description, you will give detail about your website niche and give the link of your website and place a handsome amount of money offer to do this job. People will automatically attract to your offer and click to see your website. In this way, you can smartly generate free traffic to your website.

If you can afford traffic generator tools you can also purchase online tools for traffic generation. Many websites on the internet are offering their services at very cheap prices. But before you buy their services you have to assure that these services are google AdSense safe. Because most people’s AdSense accounts get banned due to these traffic bots.


You have to put more effort to rank your website by doing on-page SEO than off-page SEO. Give 70% of your effort to create unique content and find the best keywords for your content because of this you will get organic traffic and the remaining 30%, post or promote your content on social networking websites to generate a referral or direct traffic to your website.


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