How to Fix AdSense 2021: Low Value Content

If you have applied for the Google AdSense for the website and your approval have been rejected or yours AdSense account have been disapproved due to low content value then you have come at right place. I will explain you about this error and how to rectify this error, and successfully approve your Google AdSense account.

Read this article carefully so that you can solve this problem by yourself. This error occurs due to three main reasons:

  • Minimum content requirement
  • Unique high quality content
  • Thin Content

Minimum Content Requirement

Now I will tell you about the above key points that why your AdSense account is rejected or disapproved after approval. First of all we will talk about minimum content requirement. There are no proper guideline about minimum content but after experience of many rejected AdSense approvals we have come to know that you should have at least 30 to 35 posts in your blog. You should also go through the content policies which google team mentioned on their google AdSense help site. If your content is illegal or copied from any other website or content is based on discrimination, persuade hatred against, and belittled any group or individual then your account will never approved by Google AdSense.

Low value Content AdSense Fix

Few years back people use to copy or translate the content from other websites and post them on their own websites to load them with the content but now Google has launched their new algorithm, named Google Panda and Google BERT, which is focused on the quality not a quantity. This algorithm is designed to check a content originality. So copying articles or have hundreds of pages on your website doesn’t helps you to approve your AdSense account. You have to focus on writing your own unique and high quality content or you will lose your site quality value.  

Thin Content Penalty

The on-page content that has no importance or have less value to the visitor is called thin content. It means the content you are posting on your site have less importance and people on the internet are less who are searching for your this type of content or the content on your website is copied from other websites. Low value content message can also occur if your article has less than 800 words. Most bloggers discussed that their account is only disapproved because their articles have less than 800 words.

Guideline to Fix Google AdSense Low Content Value

Now I will provide you guideline in some points and by applying these guideline you will successfully approve your AdSense account.

  1. It is necessary to do on-page SEO. When you write your article use your focused keyword in your heading and paragraph.
  2. Search for the keywords which has medium or low difficulty and have better search volume. Write your content by focusing on that searched keyword.
  3. Use LSI keywords in your content. LSI keywords are synonyms or search term related to focus keyword. You can sprinkle these LSI keywords in your paragraph or use them as a heading.
  4. Always use headings in your articles. H1 subheading is used for title, H2 subheading is used as subsection, and H3 subheading is used as subheading within a subsection.
  5. Do not copy or steal content from other websites. Try to write your own unique and creative content for the website.
  6. Try to create your own image in Photoshop for the article or at least search for the royalty free or copyright free images on the internet.
  7. Always write Meta description for the post. If your Meta description is attractive, it urge the person to click and view your content. It also helps to get traffic on your website.
  8. After posting your content, always index your post URL on search console.
  9. Your content should have length of four pages or have at least thousand words.
  10. Share your content or article URL on social media websites to get more visitors to your site.

Final Thought

You will surely get your Google AdSense account approved if you will follow my guideline and fix low value content. The above ten points which I have discussed with you are the most important points, only you have to follow them and reapply for the AdSense approval.

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