How to earn money online: Top online earning websites

How many of you earn online? Even a little?

How about those who don’t earn online – If someone tells you they earn money from the internet, do not be surprised! In this day and age of technology, there are plenty of ways to earn money from home.

In the past years new business models have been developed which means new ways to make money online. A few of these ways involve websites or mobile applications where people can  earn  money by clicking ads, testing websites and completing surveys  from home  – effectively allowing users to earn  online .

It is important that we know how we can earn  online as it allows us the freedom and time to do other things we enjoy.

Here are some of the best online earning websites and mobile apps you can earn money from.

1. Swagbucks

This is by far my favorite way to earn money online, because it’s one of the most passive ways! Just by searching on Google or watching videos you earn points which can be redeemed for USD cash or gift cards. I earn roughly $75-125USD every month using only this app! And it takes no more than an hour a day. The key is to download the Chrome Extension that automatically searches/Win Swagbucks while you are browsing online – It even works when you are scrolling through Facebook, commenting on Reddit threads etc… all those little things add up over time! For more information visit

2. Inbox Dollars

This is another website/app where you earn cash for completing simple tasks, such as signing up to receive emails, taking surveys and even watching TV! This app can earn you anything from $5-25 a month, which in my opinion isn’t that much but it’s still pretty good when compared to other free options online. The best part about this app is that there are plenty of bonuses and rewards given throughout the year in the form of a Swag Sack (see picture). For more information visit

3. Ipsos Panel

Ipsos is similar to Google Opinion Rewards where they will reward users with cash or gift cards for answering short surveys on topics such as consumer goods, technology and wellness. The topics will change throughout the year and earn you anywhere from $1-$5 per survey – plus they pay out every 3 months! For more information visit

4. Amazon Mechanical Turk

This website is what it says on the tin – a mechanical turk where users earn money for completing small tasks online which a computer can’t do automatically. Such as writing a short blog post or finding contact information etc.. This site pays an average of around 10 cents per task but it’s hardly going to make you rich – However, I have been paid upwards of $20 for writing a 2000 word article so it varies depending on what your skills are and how much time you have. For more information visit

6. Survey Junkie

This is an online survey app where users earn points for completing surveys and earning badges along the way! The longer it takes to complete a survey, the better the reward will be when you redeem it for cash or gift cards in their store. You can earn anywhere from 50 cents – $5 per survey which isn’t much but if you are short on time then this is a great option as they claim that you can earn money within 5 minutes of completing a survey! For more information visit 7. Prize Rebel


The final online earning website in my list which pays its members to watch videos, take surveys and even earn money for playing games. The payout minimum is $5 which is pretty high compared to other similar sites however it’s pretty simple and straightforward – users earn points called ‘Rebels’ which they can then redeem for USD cash or gift cards! They currently have a promotion where you earn 50 rebels per survey, up to 100 rebels! For more information visit

There are plenty of ways to earn extra money online and hopefully this list has given you an idea on how you can earn  online from the comfort of your own home. Let us know if we’ve missed any great opportunities in the comments below…

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