What is digital marketing and what strategies we should adopt

digital marketing

Digital marketing refers to digital channels such as search engines, web sites, social media, blogs and other online platforms used to put across a product or service. This could be starting from a simple digital form of an advertisement for a new phone in a digital newspaper to a complex operation in the digital arena with multi-media content using video for promoting a brand.

Digital marketing is mainly aimed to engage people into buying products or services through effective use of digital technology. The aim is basically to encourage prospective customers into taking the desired action that the marketer wants them to take [the intended action].

What are strategies we should adopt in digital marketing?

In digital marketing there are various forms of strategies which can be adopted. The digital strategy used should depend on the digital marketing campaign required and the digital media to use for such a campaign. We can broadly divide digital marketing strategies into three main forms:

Example of these digital strategies that we should adopt

There are various digital strategies which we could adopt, but I would like to discuss some popular strategies: Search engine optimisation (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), content marketing and social media or community engagement.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of getting traffic from free search engines via organic search results. Any business who wants their website/blog ranked high in non-paid (organic) search results, should adopt SEO digital marketing strategies. The digital marketer has to make sure that the website/blog is easily accessible to search engine crawlers and indexers, should know how Google work and the latest changes in algorithm (Google Panda or Penguin updates etc.)

The digital marketer should also follow other digital marketing aspects like mobile optimization of website/blog for good rankings in mobile devices; SMO (Social Media Optimization), which helps to get high rankings in social media platforms; content strategy etc.

Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is meant for getting traffic through advertisements placed on search engines e.g. Google Adwords or Bing ads. To adopt SEM requires digital marketers to have knowledge of various digital advertising platforms, digital advertising types e.g. display ads, video ads, mobile ads etc., digital marketing campaign planning and implementation of digital media plan to achieve set digital marketing goals for clients or business.

Content Marketing

Content Marketing is making use of digital content i.e. blog posts, article writing on your website/blog or social media platform like Facebook, Twitter etc.; it could also be creating digital videos with company information; having live webinars or streaming events online to engage people into buying products or services etc.. Content marketing takes care of the quality aspect of digital campaigns by engaging people more effectively through digital content which is not off-putting at all!

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing (SMM) is more about engaging audiences in your website/blog or social media platform. This digital strategy is more about creating engaging digital content on digital platforms like Facebook, Twitter etc., and managing digital communities on these platforms to make them communicate with your brand, create brand awareness and get leads for sales through digital spaces.

That’s all for digital marketing strategies which are adopted by successful digital marketers in their campaigns!

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