How To Automate Social Media Posts: Free Social Media Automation Tools 2021

Today I will guide you in this article that how you’ll be able to automate your posts on social media sites by using social media automation tools. for example, if you wish to publish a post on all of your social media accounts, and rather than adding it one by one, you would like to publish your post at the same time on all the social media accounts. you can do this simply by automating your posts. So after reading this article, you can automate your posts on social websites very easily.

Using Social Media Automation Tool

We will use an automated post tool for this purpose. when you post any content within the tool, it will automatically be posted on all social media website accounts.

Now to automate your posts, You will follow the two steps. The first step is to make an account on Publer.

So to signup Publer account click the link below:

This is an online tool, which we are going to visit, used to automate our posts.

Now click on the button “Try the Free Version” here, you’ll be able to enter your name, email address, and password to make your new account, or you can

sign up with Google, Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn.

Mostly I use a Google account for these purposes,

then select your account, which you’re using for your social media, and create your new account with it. once you have successfully created your account, we will proceed to step two.

In the second step, we will add our social media accounts to Publer.

So to add them, click the “add account” icon, Now you will see eight social media icons including Facebook, and you can select any of them. Select the social media account, which you would like to feature. For your convenience, I am giving you an example with a Facebook account.

Now to feature your Facebook account, you should have a business page on Facebook. So if you do not have a business page, log in to your Facebook account and create one. To add a Facebook account click on the Facebook icon. It will ask for your Facebook username and password. enter your username and password and click on “continue” and on the next option also click on “continue”.

Now you will find all the pages on your Facebook account.

Now select a page you want to add and click on next, your page will be added on Publer.

Now select your Facebook account, and then click on the upper right corner “go-to accounts”. You can add other social media accounts in the same way, You can add other social media accounts from the right sidebar.

Once you have got done adding other social networks account, next

we will generate a post on Publer. So to make a post we will click on the upper left icon name “create”. And select the accounts in the sub-menu within which you wish to automate your posts. you can select multiple accounts in the sub-menu. after selecting the accounts, you’ll write anything about your post here. If you wish, you’ll be able to insert a hashtag. You can also add an image to your post by simply dragging the image from your computer and dropping it in the post field. In this way, you will create your post.

Now, if we click on the button “post”, your post is going to be instantly published on selected social networking pages or accounts. Now, rather than posting it quickly, if you wish to schedule your post, you can click on the “schedule” button.

So when you click on the “schedule” button, You will see that you have got four options:

  • Manually
  • Auto-Schedule
  • Recycle
  • Recurring 

You’ll be able to select any of these options to schedule your post.

By selecting the “manually” option you will be able to schedule your post by selecting a specific date and time.

When you select the “Auto-Schedule” option, it will automatically post your content after two hours. the last two options are used when you have many posts in the queue.

Now to check the tool is working fine, publish your post instantly, and open the social media accounts which you have selected. On your social network accounts, you can see that your post has been published. This is the easiest way you can automate your posts on social media.

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