100% Commercial Recipe of Zinger Burger (KFC Style)


Chicken fillet 4 to 5

• Iceberg lettuce 4 to 5 leaves

• Eggs 4

• Plain flour 1/2 cup

• Cornflour 1/2 cup

• Mustard powder 1 tsp

• Baking powder 1 tsp

• Chees slices 4 to 5

• Hot sauce as required

• Mayonnaise as required

• Hot milk 1 cup

• Flour 1 tbsp

Chicken cube 1

• Sugar 1 tsp

• White pepper 1 tsp

• Salt to taste

• Buns 4 to 6

• Oil as required


Step1– Take a bowl, beat an eggs and set on the side. Crush some chicken cube in flour.
Step2– Take another bowl, add the dry materials, including chicken cube flour and mix them well. Rub the dry spices well into the pieces of chicken and dip them in the whisked eggs. Repeat this process three to four times.
Step3– Fry chicken till it gets golden brown.
Step4– Take round bun and cut it into half, grease the pan with oil lightly and toast both sides. Put hot milk and then mayonnaise on the buns.
Step5– Place the chicken pieces on the buns and put hot sauce over them.
Step6– Lastly, put iceberg lettuce and cheese slices and close the bun. Your zinger burgers are ready.

Video Recipe:

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